About Me


Valhalla Trail - Snowmass, CO


Glenwood Springs, CO


BS - Business Administration

Master of Business Administration


Sr. Budget & Finance Analyst

Outdoor Interests: 

Mountain Biking




Bike Stable: 

Yeti SB6c

Salsa Powderkeg Tandem

Surly Moonlander Fat Bike

Scott Spark 910

Voodoo Dambala Singlespeed

Kona Libre

Gary Fisher Paragon (Polo)

Yeti 575

My Philosophy:  Be Passionate

There are many things I’m quite passionate about.  Mountain biking is definitely at the top of the list.  I can’t even recall what drove me to buy that first mountain bike.  Maybe it was remembering back to when I was a kid and my parents moved us from rural Iowa to a suburb of Minneapolis.  We moved over the summer and my parents bought me a new bike to keep me occupied since I didn’t really know anyone.  That bike was not only my transportation for the summer, but my entertainment and way of exploring new territory. Decades later, each time I hop on my bike and embark on a new trail, I suppose I still feel a sense of excitement at exploring new territory and knowing that something new is ahead of me.


I’m also very passionate about the mountains of Colorado.  There is something so comforting and refreshing about waking up to crisp, clean mountain air. There is nothing that compares to standing upon a mountaintop in Colorado and seeing miles and miles of vast wilderness.  In 2005, I left a very financially and professionally rewarding career in St. Louis to live in Colorado.  After a brief detour in Maine for a few years, I’m happy to call Colorado home again.


Whether it’s leaving the comfort zone of a great job for the unknown, pushing myself to finish a hundred mile mountain bike race in the midst of pain, or spending quality time with my wife, family, and friends … I do it with enthusiasm and passion.

© Ken Keister 2021